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Consulting Services

On the Phone
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School Application
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A 30 minute Zoom meeting with parent and child to help answer questions.


In depth consultation with parent and child while reviewing documentation such as transcripts and providing feedback on the documentation via one hour Zoom meeting - one hour.


An in-depth interview with the student and the student's family to review the student's academic plan, extracurricular activities, life experiences, goals and aspirations, scholarships and discuss how each of these components will be considered during the college application process. The fee for the initial 90-minute consultation via Zoom.


This step is for anyone that would like to meet with me step by step until the ultimate goal is reached. This price includes preparing for the coaching, meeting with the client to discuss the findings and a follow-up email with everything that was covered in the session and next steps. The fee is $150 for one hour per session via Zoom however if you buy a package of 4 sessions then you save $100.


Course Packages

Working from Home
Wall of ideas

Time management is a vital skill that is essential in both personal and professional life. This course is designed to help students improve their time management skills and develop strategies for efficient use of time.


This course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to set and achieve meaningful goals in their personal and upper coming future.

This learning style course is designed to help individuals identify their preferred learning styles and develop effective learning strategies that cater to their unique learning preferences.

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